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Website design and development

We at Nomad Diva believe in ambitious self-starters! We know how much it takes to build a successful business from scratch. And we are here to help!

We design websites around the clients’ personalities. Every project is unique, just like every entrepreneur. We’ll help you to create the digital identity that best communicates who you are. This is the tried and tested way to reach the perfect target audience. Show the world the true you!
Focus on your business. We’ll take care of the tech!

Engage with your clients

Interactive features

Your website is much more than a beautiful brochure. It is your never-resting sales rep, who is working for you 24×7. It works for you when you are enjoying your coffee. It works for you when you are working out. Even when you go to sleep, it keeps working for you – in another part of the world where it’s morning already.

Book appointments

Seamlessly schedule calls and meetings right on your website. save hours on emailing back and forth for a suitable time slot.

Integration with your favorite tools

Link your website with your CRM, scheduling or email software, so that you never have to monitor multiple tools again.

Talk to your clients

Give your visitors several options to contact you: email, chat, or a call. Make it even easier with a call us button for mobile.

Help visitors share your trending content

Turn the website visitors into your brand advocates with encouraging sharing buttons. Get more promotion at no extra cost.

Accept online payments

Turn your site into a sales office with e-commerce. Sell your products and services directly through your website.

Build a loyal audience with email newsletters

Turn visitors into leads and then paying clients with email marketing. Offer lead magnets and sign up forms on your site.



Best for promoting your first offer or freebie. Grow your email list and nurture your leads with an automated email sequence.

2 pages: landing page + thank you page​
Professional graphics​
Lead magnet upload​
Email capture form​
Automated lead nurturing sequence (up to 2 emails)​
Social media links
Mobile optimization
1 revision
1-hour training session
Basic SEO​​
Call button
Booking calendar



Best for new businesses with just a few offers. Build trust and showcase your expertise with professional UX design

Up to 4 pages, for example Home, About, Services​, Contact
Professional graphics
One interactive feature (email capture, call button, booking)​
Mobile optimization
Basic SEO​
Favicon (site icon)​
Social media links​
2 revisions
1-hour training session
SSL certificate
Google Search Console​
Google analytics



Best for confident entrepreneurs looking to take their business to the next level. Grow your client portfolio with amazing features!

Up to 10 pages designed for your business growth
1-hour strategy session
Professional graphics​
Two interactive features (email capture, call button, booking)​
Mobile optimization​
Basic SEO​
Social media links​
3 revisions​
2-hour training session​
SSL certificate​
Google Search Console​
Google analytics​
Full flexibility with

Custom Packages

You may find it challenging to fit your one-of-a-kind project into the above framework. And it’s totally understandable!

Let us know what features you need to provide the best service for your clients and we will provide a custom package for you!

Not sure what features to use or how to structure your website? No worries! Tell us more about your business idea and we will suggest the most efficient and cost-effective tech solution for you!

Project Highlights

Website for a small business

CRD Builders, New York City, USA 
Roofing & siding


Call us now button on mobile devices
Contact form

Website for an online coach

Natalie Montoya, Lisbon, Portugal
Breathwork & Meditation coach


Book an online consultation
Lead form to collect emails
Contact form

Landing page

Eileen Mello, California, USA
Online consultant
View landing page


Lead form to collect emails
Thank you page
Automatic welcome emails
Transparent analytics


What my clients are saying


UX and webdesign certifications

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